Meditation for Spiritual Healing: Introduction to Our One-Month Course

Apr 22, 2024

Have you ever considered meditation as a path to spiritual healing? The daily stresses and challenges of modern life often leave us feeling lost and lacking inner peace. But what if we told you there's a way to find that peace within yourself?


One-Month Course: Meditation for Spiritual Healing


We are pleased to invite you to our one-month course dedicated to meditation for spiritual healing. This course will take place from May 13th to June 5th, 2024, every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 PM. You have the option to participate in person at the Yoga Center or online via Skype.


What Will You Learn?


During this course, we will explore various meditation techniques designed to help you calm your mind, free yourself from negative emotions, and open the path to inner peace and harmony.


What Do You Gain from Meditation?


Once, Buddha was asked what he gained from meditation, to which he replied, "Nothing." However, he also gave an honest answer about everything he lost: anger, agitation, depression, insecurity, fear of aging, and fear of death. This is the powerful essence of meditation—it not only frees you from the negative aspects of life but also gives you the opportunity to find true meaning in your life.


Donations and Registration


Regular Members: 1000 denars

New Members: 3000 denars


For more information and to register, please contact us at phone number 071 23 87 85 or through our online platform.


Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to experience the benefits of meditation and lead your life on a path to spiritual healing and harmony. We look forward to welcoming you! 🌿🔰🙏

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