Jun 22, 2023

The fifteenth consecutive YOGA SEMINAR on the topic of RAJA YOGA – YOGA OF MEDITATION with Lidija Georgieva was held on Mount Pelister, from June 15-18, 2023.



For a long time, our members had a desire to get to know this part of yoga and learn experientially more about meditation as a way and path of self-knowledge. Meditation means expanding awareness, knowing our true nature, uniting body, mind and soul.




Pelister's beautiful nature inspired us to do Meditations – sitting and moving, to better understand the nature of the mind, awareness of thoughts and emotions, and entering a state of conscious presence that connects us to the divine. The purpose of Meditation is to become aware of the power of creation that we have and to become aware that we create the world in which we live.



Meditation means opening up to love for yourself and the world of which we ourselves are a part.


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