Working since 1996 under the guidance of Lidija Georgieva

Spiritual wellbeing is when we are DELIGHTED BY LIFE, full of ENTHUSIASM, LOVE and JOY! Connected with others and the world around us.

Our motivation is to encourage your personal development, to help you reduce the stress and tension of everyday life, to relieve the pain, to calm your thoughts and balance your mind. To diminish your negative emotions and to encourage love for yourself and for the environment.

The Yoga Centre is a place where you can meet and socialise with people who are searching for new knowledge and are learning how to cope with life’s temptations, people who can support you and encourage you in those moments when you lose your spirit.

The wealth of the Yoga Centre is its practitioners and all their small and big victories: achieved inner peace, overcome health problems, more tolerance, more enthusiasm for work, serenity…

The logo of the Yoga Center is a drawing by the Macedonian academic painter Vasko Tashkovski.


– Beginners

– Intermediate and

– Advanced groups

Attend both young and adult.

The courses include practice of asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), techniques of concentration, meditation and relaxation, techniques of purification, as well as bandhas and mudras (techniques for directing the energy).

They also include yoga teachings, an ancient Indian discipline for self-understanding and understanding the essence of the Universe, of which we are a part. We learn how to make this knowledge a part of our everyday life, to discover our own wisdom and the happiness of living.

If necessary, within the courses, THERAPEUTIC PROGRAMMES are applied for improvement in vertebral, psychosomatic and heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, insomnia and depression.

There are specialised programmes for the courses for:


– ELDERLY PEOPLE: yoga at the age of 70 and 80

The courses at the Yoga Centre have been attended by thousands practitioners, including foreigners residing in Macedonia.

The courses are also held in English.

Also regularly organized:

– Lessons of meditation

Individual lessons

Personal consultations for health problems or personal spiritual development

Yoga seminars on meditation, types of yoga (Raja, Bhakti, Karma and Jnana yoga), relaxation, release of emotional tension, spirituality in today’s world.

– Seminars: Order of Love, Family Constellations