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Founded in 1996 under the leadership of Lidija Georgieva, the Yoga Center is a place where you can hang out with people looking for new knowledge, who learn how to deal with life temptations that can support you and encourage you at times when you lose the elan.

The wealth of the Center is its interns and all their small and big victories: achieved inner peace, new friendships, overcoming health problems, increased vitality, greater tolerance, more enthusiasm for work, cheerfulness.


Our motivation is to encourage personal development.

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The Yoga Center fosters spiritual well -being that allows us to be amazed at life, full of enthusiasm, love and joy! Related to others and the world that surrounds us.

It helps to find internal balance in everyday life, to improve health, to balance the mind, and to encourage love, for ourselves, for others, for the planet.

Our Teachers

Lidija Georgieva
Kei Edrovska Isajlovska

"Due to the nature of my work and improper posture I had waist pain and dizziness due to neck curvature. With just a month of yoga exercises, the pains diminished, and the dizziness almost disappeared. I feel much better. On the other hand, meditations and techniques The breathing helped me maintain my concentration throughout the day and successfully complete all responsibilities. "

Cveta Brezovska

"Yoga classes gave me back my freedom, cleared my thoughts, and gave me the strength and perseverance to fight in the most difficult times"

Ana Ilievska

"I have been grateful that I have had the opportunity to practice yoga for 30 years. We were lucky enough to come to Macedonia and much of us to improve our quality of life. Deepening the connection between our minds and body, yoga deepens us with the world we are in, and with the source we come from."

Galina Dimitrova

"Satisfaction, body energy, it develops my self-awareness and, most importantly inner peace and tranquility."

Sandra Lazarevska

"Јога вежбите, техниките на дишење сигурно делуваат на умот. Со тек на време тоа го препознав како се поголема присутност на смиреност, концетрација и енергија во извршување на секојдневните обврски"


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