What is Yoga?

Touch infinity, omnipresence!

Јога практика ја проширува свесноста и ве води кон состојба на внатрешен мир, што е извор на знаење и витална енергија. Ви помогнува да внесете хармонија во својот живот, наоѓајќи рамнотежа меѓу активностите и одморот, меѓу стресот и релаксацијата, меѓу надвор и внатре.

You will learn techniques and methods that will help you deal with the habits and perceptions that prevent you from expressing yourself, your creativity and intuition. You will discover new possibilities. You will increase your energy and concentration and improve your health.

We practice yoga to understand ourselves and the world we create. The continuous effort in that direction in yoga is called "sadhana" which means "that which leads us to the goal". We are looking for answers to the questions: Why is this happening to me? What is the meaning of my existence? How can I be happy? What is love? What happens after death?

Naturally throughout life we mature and become wiser, and yoga is a system that directs and helps personal development and finding answers to the questions we ask ourselves.

Through the courses and seminars it is studied:

    • Hatha Yoga and Raja yoga – through the practice of body positions (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), energy directing techniques (bandhis and mudras), relaxation and concentration to reach a state of meditation.
    • Karma yoga – yoga of action; the law of action and reaction
    • Bhakti yoga – the path of devotion, unconditional love
    • Jnana Yoga – the path of knowledge that leads us to the knowledge of the true nature of things.

    We begin by studying Hatha yoga, followed by Raja yoga, concentration and meditation techniques.