Yoga as therapy

Your immunity increases and your attitude towards illness changes if you realize and experience that you can improve your health yourself.

Јогата стана популарна на Запад затоа што се покажа (и преку научни истражувања) дека јога терапијата го подобрува телесното и психичкото здравје и води кон духовна благосостојба на современиот, динамичен човек.

Mental techniques reduce the consequences of living under stress, breathing techniques bring more energy, and physical exercises keep the body in good shape.

It is important to understand that therapeutic programs for various ailments are a combination of physical, mental and breathing and purification techniques because man is a unity of body, mind, soul and energy that are interconnected. Illness, like healing, manifests itself on all levels. The root cause of illness lies deep within our soul and healing begins from there.

Yoga techniques help in:

  • Heart diseases - yoga practice helps to change the bad habits of living that led you to disease and reduces the consequences of the experienced stress.
  • Spine diseases - stretch, relax and strengthen muscles and improve posture.
  • Osteoporosis, rheumatism and arthritis – physical exercises are not aggressive and exhausting. Slow and gentle movements help bones and joints get enough nutrients.
  • Menopause – unpleasant symptoms decrease or completely disappear.
  • Asthma and other lung diseases – you can overcome these diseases which, like many others, have a psychosomatic origin.
  • Insomnia and constant fatigue – energy is restored
  • Frequent colds – after a few weeks of regular practice, they completely disappear.
  • Frequent colds – after a few weeks of regular practice, they completely disappear.

Specialized therapeutic programs are being developed.