Our Teachers

Hello! I am Lidija

Since I was little I wanted to understand why we live? What is the meaning of our existence? Is there any purpose?

My own research brought me to my first yoga class on March 3, 1981 at the Yoga Society - Skopje, and since then, for almost 40 years, yoga has been my way of life. For more than 35 years of that period, I have been passing on what I know to others through courses, lectures, seminars, individual lessons and consultations, meditation lessons, workshops, radio and television appearances.

Working with people enriches me personally, but it was also a support for me during periods of personal crises and declines. I am grateful for the opportunity I have, to pass on the knowledge to others. Their experiences and achievements are my inspiration for new ways of sharing what I have learned.

I have worked with thousands of interns of all ages, with pregnant women and with people with health problems, mostly in Skopje, but also in other cities throughout Macedonia.

For the past 20 years I have been leading yoga classes to the Croatian coast as part of the annual vacation of people from Croatia, Italy, Germany, Norway and other countries.


  • 1981 - 2007: Active work in the organization, teaching and training of teaching staff in the Yoga Company - Skopje and the Yoga Union of Macedonia.
  • 1982 – Zen seminar with Philip Kaplo in Belgrade
  • 1983 – Yoga seminars with Swami Yogamudrananda from the Bihar School in Skopje and Belgrade
  • 1983 – Yoga seminars with Swami Yogamudrananda from the Bihar School in Skopje and Belgrade
  • 2001 – study stay in India and participation in “Maha Kumba Mela”
  • 2001 in Athens and 2003 in Skopje – Seminars on prenatal yoga with Frédéric Leboye, gynecologist from France, author of the book “Birth without violence”
  • 2003 – spent a week in isolation as part of the Zen seminar at the “Naikan Center” in Vienna
  • 2012 – 2017 – Ho`opopono seminars with Mabel Katz in Zagreb
  • 2012 – 2016 – training as a system therapist for Family Constellations with Vlado Ilic (Zagreb and Belgrade)
  • 2015 – 2016 – seminars on family constellations with Matej Škufca from Slovenia (Zagreb)


  • In 1996, she founded and runs the Yoga Center - Taftalidze, Skopje. Beginner, intermediate and advanced groups work regularly, and English language classes for foreigners are conducted as needed.
  • Yoga Instructor Training
  • 2007 – 2019 – leads an annual seminar on the philosophy of yoga
  • For ten years she led yoga classes for the employees of the American Embassy in Skopje and
  • Од 2016 година води работилници за Family constellations.

"Due to the nature of my work and improper posture I had waist pain and dizziness due to neck curvature. With just a month of yoga exercises, the pains diminished, and the dizziness almost disappeared. I feel much better. On the other hand, meditations and techniques The breathing helped me maintain my concentration throughout the day and successfully complete all responsibilities. "

Cveta Brezovska

"Yoga classes gave me back my freedom, cleared my thoughts, and gave me the strength and perseverance to fight in the most difficult times"

Ana Ilievska

"I have been grateful that I have had the opportunity to practice yoga for 30 years. We were lucky enough to come to Macedonia and much of us to improve our quality of life. Deepening the connection between our minds and body, yoga deepens us with the world we are in, and with the source we come from."

Galina Dimitrova

"Satisfaction, body energy, it develops my self-awareness and, most importantly inner peace and tranquility."

Sandra Lazarevska

Hello! I am Keti

I am a licensed psychologist in health and psychotherapy. I have been training in yoga since 1981, and since 1992 I have been training in gestalt psychotherapy and apply it in practice. I started working in yoga at the Yoga Union of Macedonia, I led courses and participated in the implementation of a large number of scientific research on yoga in the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, in patients with chronic renal failure, labor psychology, child and developmental psychology, sports medicine etc. From the very beginning of its foundation in 1981, I was a member of the editorial board of the first "Yoga" magazine published by Yoga Society - Skopje.s

Since 1996, I have been working on research and programs in the field of health education, prevention and health policy in the Republic of Macedonia.

I am the co-author of a dozen publications in Macedonian/Albanian/English, published in the Republic of Macedonia in the period 2002-2009.

I am also a member of Gestalt Institute Skopje, MPA - Macedonian Psychotherapy Association and the Chamber of Psychologists of R. Macedonia.

In my many years of work I try to enrich my knowledge and experience regarding what it means to have a cognitive/behavioral approach in psychotherapy practice and to achieve general meditative and spiritual well-being through the practice of yoga. I believe that the combination of the two practices enables the achievement of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balancing and unification, which I had the opportunity to experience personally.