Advanced Yoga




Monday and Wednesday

20:30 – 21:40 (+online)


Tuesday and Thursday

19:00 – 20:10 (+online)

During The Class

It is practiced in groups of 10-14 interns, but we also work with everyone individually depending on personal needs. Progress is individual and depends on personal motivation and time dedicated to working with yourself.

In order to attend the advanced course, it is necessary to complete the beginner yoga course.

During the advanced course Hatha and Raja yoga is practiced: body positions (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), energy control techniques (bandhis and mudras) and concentration and meditation techniques.

We work on getting to know the inner world: thoughts, emotions, awareness of energy flows and awareness that we are aware. We meet/get to know and accept our weaknesses, fears, complexes, pain and anger and learn how to release energy from them, but we also become aware of our qualities and talents that we are developing. We use the energy that is released for personal development, to improve health and to realize personal goals.


Lidija Georgieva
Kei Edrovska Isajlovska

Курсеви на англиски јазик

If there is a sufficient number of interested parties, a special foreign language group is formed. If not, the individuals join the regular groups and the classes are conducted in both Macedonian and English.

Individual consultations and classes

  • For better living and personal development
  • Related to yogic practice
  • To resolve emotional conflicts
  • To overcome health problems

They are led by Lidija Georgieva, who prepares individual practice programs.

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