Recommendations for a successful class

We recommend that you practice yoga techniques 3-4 hours after a meal. 

With a full stomach you cannot perform either the asanas (body techniques) or the breathing, concentration and meditation techniques.


Do not consume alcohol and spicy food, as well as garlic and onions on the days you come to yoga classes. 

It makes you sluggish and makes it difficult for you to exercise, but it also spreads an unpleasant smell in the room that affects others.


Do not leave the class before the teacher has finished. 

If you plan to leave early, inform the teacher before the class starts. Also, let us know if you plan to be away for more hours.

If you are late and the class has already started, wait for the teacher to call you in.

Come to class about 10 minutes early so you have time to prepare.


Do not enter the gym in shoes that you wear outside.

You don't need sneakers to exercise.


Wear comfortable and clean clothes, especially clean socks and T-shirts. Keep the clothes you wear to class only for yoga.


Do not step on exercise mats.

ТThey are a symbol of a place for personal practice. Be especially careful when someone has already placed their towel on the mat, do not step on it.

While waiting for the class to start, be quiet if the previous class is not finished because the sounds are heard in the gym. Respect those who practice before you.


When you enter the gym, don't talk. Let the mind calm down and the class will be more successful.


Yawning is a natural process, but be discreet and quiet so as not to disturb the peace of others in the room. Breathing consciously and deeply through your nose will help you stay alert.


Leave your cell phones in the locker room and turn them off. The ringing can also be heard in the gym and disturbs you and others. While you are in class, dedicate the time to yourself.
By learning how to respect yourself and make time for yourself, you will know how to respect others as well.


Dispose of chewing gum and other waste in the waste bins. Do not throw them in the yard or in front of the door of the Yoga Center.

As the street leading to the Yoga Center is narrow, please park your cars on the main street. Walking a few minutes to the Center, you have the opportunity to calm your mind and prepare for class.

Please pay your monthly membership fee regularly.