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Why yoga during pregnancy?

"To communicate with babies, we need to speak to them in a language that they understand, a language that is not based on words, that everyone understands: Love

The birthing room may have perfect conditions with proper lighting, isolated from noise, the temperature of the bath water may be just right, but without love, the baby, all the same, will cry.

If there is even a trace of nervousness or suppressed inner anger, the baby will notice it immediately.

Their judgment is extremely accurate.

Babies, in their mysterious way, know everything. They remember everything, they see directly into our hearts, they know the color of our thoughts, and all this without knowing any language."

"Birth without violence" - Frédéric Leboye 


Kei Edrovska Isajlovska

Yoga is an ancient science of man and life. It teaches us how to get to know and harmonize the body, thoughts, emotions and energy and how to expand awareness. Yogic techniques and the ability to observe oneself can help a woman understand the great changes that take place in the body, psyche and soul during pregnancy. Pregnancy and birth can be a time of personal development, joy of life and celebration of love.

When to start the course?

After the third month of pregnancy, yoga classes can be started and can be practiced until delivery. With exercise, one acquires the ability to relax, breathe deeply and use energy correctly, which helps childbirth and is the experience of many women.


They practice:

  • Body Positions (asanas), suitable for the period of pregnancy. The elasticity increases and the muscles are strengthened. Back and waist pains are relieved. The exercises are not strenuous or exhausting, but they revitalize the body and encourage a good mood.
  • Deep and rhythmic breathing which supplies cells with more oxygen and improves metabolism. The mind calms down and relaxation is achieved. The statement that during pregnancy you should eat for two is not true, but it is true that you should breathe for two.
  • Relaxation techniques they release accumulated fatigue and mental and emotional tension. Conscious breathing and the ability to relax are very helpful during labor so that the woman uses her energy rationally.

  • The techniques of concentration and meditation they calm the mind, release emotional tension and bring inner peace. They help women cope with the imposed fear of childbirth. We tend to accept that birth is "scary" rather than "natural." And fear blocks and irrationally consumes energy. Scientific research shows that the baby in the womb is influenced by the mother's overall lifestyle.

The inner peace and love of the mother are of great importance for the harmonious mental and physical development of the newborn.

What does the course achieve?

Practicing yogic techniques, a pregnant woman learns to relax, control breathing, cultivate positive thoughts and accept emotions. They help her use her energy rationally and cooperate better with the midwife or the doctor who facilitates the delivery.

Practicing yogic techniques, a woman helps herself even after giving birth.

  • After giving birth, the body returns to its previous state faster. A postnatal yoga program can be practiced to strengthen the abdominal muscles and relieve fatigue.
  • The mother more easily goes through the emotional changes characteristic of this period, as well as through postnatal depression if it occurs.
  • It is easier for the mother to maintain inner peace, which is transmitted to the baby.

"All our fears come from the period of birth" - Frédéric Leboye, author of the book "Birth Without Violence"

Курсеви на англиски јазик

If there is a sufficient number of interested parties, a special foreign language group is formed. If not, the individuals join the regular groups and the classes are conducted in both Macedonian and English.

Individual consultations and classes

  • For better living and personal development
  • Related to yogic practice
  • To resolve emotional conflicts
  • To overcome health problems

They are led by Lidija Georgieva, who prepares individual practice programs.

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