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What are family constellations?

The family constellation is a method of group work for personal development. By visiting the workshop you can:

  • to improve family, partner and business relations
  • you are looking for the meaning and joy of living
  • better health and inner peace
  • to get rid of recurring negative situations, from a state in which you feel blocked or unable to fully express your potential
  • to release: fear, guilt, blame, anger, overwhelm and depression


Lidija Georgieva

The family constellation is a group work method developed by the German therapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger in the mid-seventies of the last century. It aims to bring to light what has been suppressed, forgotten, or not wanted to be seen, either on a personal or trans-generational level. In this way, the balance and totality of the energy field, both individual and family, is re-established. It brings psychological relief and initiates the healing process at the level of psyche, body and soul.

Through practice, it has been shown that the method also has a healing effect because it supports the healing process in various diseases.

You can choose any topic to work on; for example: pain in the body (back, knee...), insomnia, inner turmoil or conflict, conflict with a person, inner blockage that you want to resolve, illness, fear, physical injury, partner relationships, business problems, financial problems, etc. .

The topic you work on DOES NOT have to be publicly shared with others.

In fact, when the problem is posed and while the resolution of the system constellation takes place, no one present knows the topic. In this way, intellectual analysis is avoided and it is possible to activate the energy processes that will lead to the resolution of the conflict. You are all familiar with situations when you intellectually analyze a problem, but do not find a solution. By imposing personal censorship to protect ourselves from pain, we do not perceive the truth, so the problem cannot even be resolved and repeats itself with similar scenarios.

After completing the constellation you are working on, you can share your theme with others if you wish. Very often, you will find that your topic is also the topic of many others, which shows in the workshops. Knowing that we are not alone with our problem is a relief - many others can understand us and help us.

When setting up family constellations, everyone participates, regardless of whether you set up a topic or not. The roles you are cast in are also your subject matter, whether you recognize it then or later.

Lidija Georgieva for five years she attended education for a systemic therapist, with Vlado Ilic, who has been working for fifteen years in the area of former Yugoslavia, in Germany and the USA, and for two years with Matej Škufca from Slovenia.

In 2007, in Serbia, the family constellation was recognized as an alternative medical technique by the Ministry of Health.

For more information, you can visit the website of FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS:

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