The Course for beginners

The classes are held twice a week. The duration of the class is 70 minutes.

The programme with the yoga techniques is available for anybody.

Who can attend the classes?

  • Young
  • Adults
  • Athletes: Yoga, in addition to the training, improves the mental fitness, concentration, firmness, mental stability, visualization and quick relaxation. The musculature stretches easily and relaxes.
  • Pregnant women also work after a specialized programme.
  • People at the age of 70, 80, 90 practice the yoga techniques tailored to their psycho-physical condition.

The effect is: CONCENTRATION, RELAXATION, lessening the pain and spine problems (scoliosis, sciatica, discopathy), BETTER HEALTH, greater MENTAL CALMNESS, increased SELF-CONFIDENCE.

What is being practiced?

First, we begin with Hatha Yoga: physical postures (asanas), basic breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation, concentration techniques for beginners. Included are several procedures for purifying the body (shatkarma). This is how gradually we develop the qualities for practicing meditation: comfortable and calm sitting, deep and peaceful breathing and undisturbed concentration for a longer period.

Recommendation: People with any kind of health issue are advised to talk to consult their yoga teacher.

For Exercising you need: comfortable clothing and a large towel to put over the mats in the Yoga Centre. You don’t need sneakers.