Reflection from the Seminar: Experiencing the Reality Behind the Experience of the Senses

Jun 11, 2024

From June 6 to 9, 2024, an unforgettable yoga seminar was held under the leadership of Lidija Georgieva in the beautiful "Molika" hotel, located in the heart of Pelister, Bitola. This seminar was more than just a meeting for exercise and meditation; it was a deeply transformative experience that allowed us to connect with nature, ourselves and our soul.

Nature as a teacher

Every day started with an early morning awakening under the sun's rays warming our cheeks. Breathing in the fresh mountain air and listening to the sound of nature, we slowly entered the day. Exercising in the mountain meadows was a real pleasure, where each asana allowed us to feel the earth beneath our feet and connect with the nature around us.

Exercise and Meditations

Under the leadership of Lidija Georgieva, every day was filled with intense exercises and meditations. Asanas (body positions), pranayama (breathing techniques) and relaxation were performed outdoors, in the middle of beautiful nature. Meditations, both sitting and moving, have helped us enter into a state of conscious presence and become aware of the nature of our mind, thoughts and emotions.

The Power of Silence

One of the most interesting experiences of the seminar was "mona" – remaining in silence, without speaking and with inner silence. This allowed us to connect with our inner self and feel the true meaning of peace and quiet.

Theory and Practice

Theoretical lectures were also a significant part of the seminar. Lidija explained to us the concept of "I", knowing the world and oneself through the mental concept, on the one hand, and through conscious presence, on the other hand. We learned that we create the world we live in and that by realizing our divine nature we can create a harmonious world filled with love, respect and beauty.

Life without routine and stress

Many of us came to the seminar in order to isolate ourselves from the urban crowd and find our inner peace. This seminar gave us the opportunity to get away from the daily routine and stress and focus on our physical and mental health. Every moment spent on Pelister was a new lesson and a new discovery for ourselves.


The seminar ended on Sunday afternoon, but the experiences and lessons we took with us remain lasting. Thanks to Lidija Georgieva and her skillful guidance, we managed to experience a deep transformation and experience the world through new senses. This seminar not only allowed us to connect with nature and ourselves, but also to find the inner peace we were looking for.

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