Keti Edrovska Isajlovska is a licensed health psychologist and psychotherapist. She has been training in yoga since 1981, and since 1992 she has been training in Gestalt psychotherapy and practicing it.

She is a member of the Gestalt Institute Skopje, Macedonian Association for Psychotherapy (MAP), Europian Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy (EAGT) and the Macedonian Chamber of Psychologists.

“In the many years of my work I try to enrich my knowledge and experience in terms of what it means to have a holistic approach to psychotherapy practice and to achieve general meditative and spiritual well-being through the practice of yoga. I believe that the unification of the two practices enables the achievement of harmonized physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, which I have had the opportunity to experience personally. ”

Mob: + 389 78 488 078