Classes for pregnant women

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“In order to communicate, we need to speak to the child in a language that they can understand, a language that is not based on words and yet can be understood by anyone.
The delivery room may be perfect, with necessary light and insulated walls, the temperature of the bathing water to be exactly as it should be, but without love the child would still scream.
If there is even a trace of nervousness, any repressed anger inside, the baby will immediately notice.
Their judgment is exceptionally accurate.
The baby knows everything. In their own mysterious way. They record everything, looking directly into our hearts, knowing the colour of our thoughts, and all this without knowing any language.”

Birth Without Violence by Frederik Leboyer

Yoga is an ancient knowledge about man and life. It teaches us how to recognise and harmonise the processes in our body, our thoughts, emotions and mental state. And because during pregnancy revolutionary changes occur in the body, mind and soul, yoga, through its system of techniques and approaches in self-observance, can help the woman to understand those changes and use their energy in a positive way; pregnancy and childbirth can become a period of personal growth, joy of life, celebration of love.


After the third month of pregnancy a woman can begin practicing the yoga programme for pregnant women. It is recommended for the women not to wait until the last month, in order to have enough time to learn how to relax, how to control and deepen their breathing and how to channel their energy so that they can use that experience during the labours.

The classes consist of:

  • PHYSICAL EXERCISES (ASANAS), adjusted for the period of pregnancy. Greater elasticity and strength of muscles is achieved, then increased flexibility of the pelvis and the pains in the back and the waist disappear. The exercises are not strenuous, they are not exhausting, but on the contrary are refreshing and restore the good mood.
  • DEEP AND RHYTHMIC BREATHING that provides more oxygen to the cells and a good metabolism. The breathing techniques relax and balance the energy.

The maxim that during pregnancy you should eat for two is not true, but it is true that you need to breathe for two.

  • RELAXATION is good for releasing the accumulated tension. The breathing and relaxation techniques are of great benefit between the contractions and during the delivery when the mother can consciously relax and recover her energy.
  • The techniques of CONCENTRATION, VISUALIZATION and MEDITATION harmonize the thoughts and emotions and bring spiritual tranquillity.

They help women to cope with the imposed fear of delivery. We accept that the birth is “scary”, rather than “natural”. And the fear blocks and irrationally wastes our energy.

Studies show that the baby in the womb is influenced by the overall lifestyle of the mother.

The inner peace and the maternal love are of great importance for the harmonious psycho mental development of the newborn.




By practicing the yoga techniques the woman learns to relax, to control her breathing, to nurture positive thoughts and thus save her energy. That helps her to be present and aware of herself during the delivery and to better cooperate with the midwife or the doctor as it facilitates the delivery.


  • The body quickly returns to its previous state, which is even better if the body had been active before and during the pregnancy. Post-natal yoga programme is practised to strengthen the abdominal muscles and relieve the fatigue.
  • The mother easily faces the emotional changes which are characteristic of this period, as well as the post-birth depression.
  • She maintains inner peace and harmony, which is transmitted to the baby.

“All our fears come from the moment of birth.”, Frederick Leboyer, author of the book Birth Without Violence.