Recommendations for a successful class

We recommend that you don’t consume heavy meals 3-4 hours before the yoga class, for successful exercise. With a full stomach you cannot practice neither the asanas nor the breathing techniques, concentration and meditation.

Avoid alcohol and very spicy foods, especially garlic and onions, in the days of the yoga classes. The smell pervades the room and it is not pleasant for the others in the group. Besides, you become inert and the exercises are not effective.

Do not leave the class before the teacher marks the official end. If you plan to leave early, tell the teacher before the class. Tell the teacher if you plan to be absent.

Come on time for the classes, 5-10 minutes earlier, so that you can calmly prepare for the exercises.

If you are late, wait for the teacher to call you.

Do not enter the room with shoes.

Wear comfortable and clean clothes, especially clean shirts and socks. Keep clothes that you use only for the yoga classes.

Avoid using strong perfumes and aromatic substances on your body and clothes just before the class.

Don’t step on the mats, they are a symbol of the place for exercise. Be especially careful when someone has placed their towel on the mat.

If the group before your class is not over yet, be quiet and respectful to the practitioners who exercise. Loud talking is heard in the room.

Once inside the room for exercise, stay quiet, do not talk. Thus your mind calms down and the class will be more successful.

Yawning is a natural process, but be discreet and quiet and think of the others around you who are relaxing. Breathe consciously, through the nose, to keep your vigilance.

Leave your mobile phones in the dressing room and turn them off during the class. The ringing disturbs not only the others, but you too. The class is the time that you devote to yourself.

When you learn how respect and pay attention to yourselves, you will know how to do this with the others, too.

Dispose the chewing gums and the other litter in the waste bins, rather than in the yard of the Yoga Centre or in front of it.

Because of the narrow street in front of the Yoga Centre, park your cars on the main street.

Walk to the Centre, calm your thoughts and prepare for the class.


Pay the monthly fees regularly.