Touch the infinite.

Wake up your inner strength and understand your true nature.

Practicing yoga develops awareness and guides you to a state of inner peace, which is the source of knowledge and energy.

You will learn techniques and methods that will help you deal with the inhibiting habits and attitudes you have. You’ll find new opportunities inside. You will increase your energy and improve your concentration, which will awaken your healing ability and creativity.

Let us understand ourselves and the world we create!

This is the purpose for which we practiced yoga. The yoga term for continued efforts in this direction is called Sadhana, which means ‘that which leads us to the goal’.

With everything we do, we keep on looking for the answers to questions like, Why does this happen to me? What is the meaning of my existence? How can I be happy? What is love? What happens after death?

Life teaches us how to learn our own lessons, and yoga is a system, a method which directs and helps our personal development and discovers the meaning of these questions.

Practicing yoga develops the ability to stay in touch with your own self and consciously be present in what you do. Thus you give the best of you and you achieve success.

Practicing yoga helps you to establish harmony in life, balance between activity and rest, between stress and relaxation, between the outer and the inner. It develops awareness and guides you towards your inner peace, which is the source of knowledge and energy.

Through the courses and seminars we learn about:

  • HATHA YOGA and RAJA YOGA – by practicing asanas, pranayama, bandhas, mudras, relaxation and concentration, to reach a state of meditation;
  • KARMA YOGA – the yoga of action, the law of action and reaction;
  • BHAKTI YOGA – the path of devotion, unconditional love;
  • JNANA YOGA – the path of knowledge, which leads us to a greater understanding of our true nature.

We begin with the techniques of Hatha Yoga on which Raja Yoga builds up, i.e. the techniques of concentration and meditation.